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A distant destination has never been so near! Experience your dream travel with a local accredited Tour Guide who can answer all your questions!

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Once registered, you can access your user area, where you can buy the package you prefer, lasting  30 or 180 days (BUY). 


On the date and time established for the Live Tour, access the tour card and click on "WATCH LIVE NOW ON ZOOM" and you will be connected to the Zoom link for that tour. 


Then, the

Tourist Guide will connect live on-site and guide you on a 60-minute adventure of your destination. You can ask about anything that intrigues you via chat during the tour, and the Guide will answer you live. 


PLEASE NOTE: It is necessary to download the Zoom application on your phone or PC to access the tours. 

No, as long as you can download Zoom, you will have no problems! 

We recommend watching the live tour with SMART TV only if you have a broadband connection; otherwise, we recommend using a smartphone or tablet. 

You can conveniently pay with your prepaid card or credit card. Payments are guaranteed and certified by the main payment platforms we rely on (PAYPAL - STRIPE). 

The offers are: 

- 7 days 5,99 €

- 30 days 9,99 €

- 90 days  24,99 €

You can contact our Service Centre via WhatsApp at the number +39 333 386 7222 or via email at

You will be able to write in the Q&A section and the Guide will be able to answer your question directly

The live tour will be conducted in the language indicated on the LIVE TOUR thumbnail.

One of our Tour Guides will accompany you, and you can find their profile on the guided tour page!

Watch MIRAVILIUS on smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, laptops or streaming devices, all for a fixed amount. 

Our packages (without automatic renewal) 


9,99 €/per month

49,99 € /6 months

Miravilius is the new way to travel and discover the places in direct connection with a Tourist Guide on the spot!

Simply connect on the date and time of the Live Tour and you can immerse yourself in the discovery of the city, thanks to a guide who will accompany you live, as if you were there!

The Live Tour is a live streaming tour lasting 30 or 60 minutes, a real guided tour accompanied by a local Tourist Guide, it will be like walking in the chosen city and living that particular moment, without any filter!

Once registered you will be able to access your user area and you will be able to connect on the established date and time by accessing the tour card and clicking on "Watch now live on Zoom" and you will connect to the Zoom link dedicated to that tour.

You will be able to interact and ask questions live to the Tourist Guide and find out what makes you curious you about the place visited.


P.S If you haven't downloaded Zoom yet, do it before the tour on your PC, Tablet, Smart TV or Smartphone.

Once registered you will be able to watch all the free tours that last 30 minutes for free, in which advertising is provided.

If you are interested in seeing more in-depth tours lasting 1h you can purchase the Premium offer lasting 7/30/90 days by going to (BUY)

If you have a promotional code, sign up first on the site and in your user area, go to BUY and click on CLICK HERE IF YOU HAVE A PROMOTIONAL CODE, enter the code and click on SEND.